The Complete Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Life of a Stamping Punch |

Design, use, and maintenance impact the lifespan of a stamping mould. Only by doing an excellent job in every aspect can the mold’s service life be extended. Stamping punch is an essential component of stamping mold.

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For precision metal stamping manufacturers, the term “life of stamping mould” refers to the total number of parts that the mould can process under the premise of ensuring the quality of the stamped parts, including the life after repeated mould repairs on the working face and the replacement of wearing pieces. High-speed stamping dies often have two life spans: tool design and service life. The service life of the mould is usually longer than the mold’s design life. Injection molding lifter design is essential.

Things that Affect the Life of a Stamping Mold

Stamping Process of Parts

The rationality of Mold Structure Design

Selection of Mold Materials

Choice of Guide Mechanism Accuracy

Casting and forging quality

The longevity of the mould is directly impacted by the quality of the castings and forgings. Mold scrapping might result directly from casting and forging flaws.

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Precision in Machining

The benefits and drawbacks of the surface quality of the mold’s working parts significantly impact the mold’s wear resistance, anti-glue resistance, and anti-fracture ability and directly affect the service life of the die. In particular, the mold’s surface roughness value has a significant impact.

Assembly Precision

The Complete Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Life of a Stamping Mold

In the event of assured processing accuracy, for every mounting surface/hole and datum surface/hole that needs to be constructed, the assembly must be assembled in line with reasonable assembly approaches to ensure the quality of each process.

Heat Treatment

The life of the custom metal stamping tool is significantly influenced by the equipment and heat treatment method choices. That is to say. A competent heat treatment procedure may fully exploit the tool’s steel composition characteristics.

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