The Complete understanding of the Factors Affecting the Life of a Stamping Mold |

A stamping mould’s lifespan is influenced by its design, application, and maintenance. The mold’s service life can only be increased by performing superbly in every area. The Moulding components is a crucial part of the stamping mould.

Moulding components

The phrase “life of stamping mould” refers, for precision metal stamping manufacturers, to the total number of Molded parts that the mould can produce while still maintaining the quality of the stamped parts, including the life following repeated repairs to the working face of the mould and the replacement of worn out components. Tool design and service life are typically the two life spans of high-speed stamping dies. Typically, the mold’s service life exceeds its intended life. Insert molding design is essential.

Things that Affect a Stamping Mold’s Life

  • Parts Stamping Process
  • The selection of
  • Mold Materials and the Reasonability of Mold Structure Design
  • Accuracy in Guide Mechanism Selection
  • The Manufacturing Quality of Mold
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Quality in casting and forging

The caliber of the castings and forgings has a direct bearing on how long the mould will last. Flaws in casting and forging may immediately lead to mould scrapping.

Machining with accuracy

The advantages and disadvantages of the working sections of the mold’s surface quality have a considerable impact on the mold’s wear resistance, anti-glue resistance, and anti-fracture ability, which in turn has a direct impact on the die’s service life. The value of the surface roughness of the mould is significant.


If ensured processing accuracy is required, the assembly must be put together using appropriate assembly techniques for each mounting surface/hole and datum surface/hole that needs to be produced.

Heat Treatment

The equipment and heat treatment process selections significantly impact the life of the custom metal stamping tool. That being said, the tool’s steel composition properties may be used entirely by a good heat treatment process.

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